Shivoham - The Journey Within

An independent dance-theatre production

'Shivoham' is an independent dance production conceived and choreographed by Ms. Minal Merai. Performed in the Indian classical dance style of Bharathanatyam, 'Shivoham' seeks to explore the answer to the universal question ‘Who am I?' through Hindu philosophy while drawing from Hindu mythology. The production will illustrate the process of spiritual discovery to attain salvation, exemplified through the five elements, or the Panchabhuta. It is hoped that the ideas conveyed through this production can elevate the mind and uplift the human spirit.

All creation is said to be made up of these five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. According to Hindu mythology, these elements originate and culminate in Lord Shiva, who symbolises the Supreme source of all creation. The spiritual journey in 'Shivoham' starts with the earth element, and then proceeds through all the elements to finally attain enlightenment with space. The dancers will be portrayed as seekers who go through many experiences in their lives in their quest for eternal and infinite joy. Throughout this process, they receive guidance from their spiritual teacher or Guru. As advised by the Guru, the dancers set off on a pilgrimage in order to understand the Supreme Lord Shiva who is said to have control over all five elements.

Sun Oct 5, 2014
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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University Cultural Centre Theatre
Stall SOLD OUT $35.00
Circle SOLD OUT $25.00
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50 Kent Ridge Crescent, S(119279) Singapore
Anuja Varaprasad